What are your belongings worth?

Piggy bank

What are your belongings worth? This is a question that my boyfriend Steven and I have had to face often as we work on moving our lives from here in the UK to our new life in Melbourne, Australia. When you have to consider not only the time but also the cost of packing up everything you own to ship it to, literally, the other side of the world it puts things into a new perspective.

Since February of 2015 I have gradually been working towards reducing my belongings and adapting a more minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism is everywhere just now. A quick google search will turn up over 14 million results. Some people view it as a fad or as an extreme way of living but there are many forms of minimalism. It doesn’t have to mean owning a specific number of items or denying yourself the things that you love. It is about only keeping the things that add value to your life.

Looking around my home I am constantly faced with the question of ‘does this object add value to my life?’ and ‘is this item worth packing and shipping to the other side of the world so that I can use / store / maintain it once I get there?’

Owning less items means spending less time on the maintenance of them. It makes surfaces clearer which makes them quicker to clean. Drawers and cupboards are less cluttered which means you can find things faster.

Ask yourself today, what are your belongings worth? Which items are truly adding value to your life and which items are just adding unnecessary clutter?

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