Simple Living vs Favourites Culture


Favourites, whether they be monthly, seasonally or yearly have become a common part of our social media culture. If you are trying to live a more simple, streamlined life then watching a favourites video on YouTube or clicking through pictures displaying a person’s favourite products on Instagram may feel like another form of marketing designed to encourage you to spend more on items you don’t really need. So, can simple living and the culture of favourites co-exist?

This was a question I found myself faced with recently. Having moved to the other side of the world I have stepped out of my comfort zone and been forced into a situation where a lot of my usual brands are not readily available. In order to buy the products I wanted to use I was going to have to do some research and seek out new companies offering new and often improved versions of the things I wanted to buy. Where did I look for most of my information? The internet of course.

If you want honest reviews of what a product is like, whether it is worth spending your money on or the ethics behind it then the internet is an invaluable source of information.

Favourites have the ability to do both good and bad. They can encourage consumerism, convincing people that they really do need that pair of shoes which will go out of style next season, but they can also provide insights from those who are looking for quality over quantity. Mixed in among the many favourites videos out there you will find those that promote cruelty free, sustainable or eco friendly products as well as companies who are doing their bit to give back to society. You might also pick up some tips on a good book to read or podcast to listen to.

So simple living and favourites culture need not be mutually exclusive. After all, isn’t minimalism all about owning only our ‘favourite’ items?

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